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Women of the Fire

Women of the Fire is a new event to Fire Fest Campmeeting for the Soul in 2020.  On Thursday evening, we will kick Fire Fest off with this wonderful event.  Engaging the women to pray over the mall, encouraging them and sparking the fire of the Holy Spirit to burn hotter within them.  Women are truly a secret weapon in God's arsenal.  We may look weak and soft but when we begin to pray....watch out!

When you arrive Kathy Miller, the pastor's wife from Country Chapel will be personally greeting each lady, if you have need of anything Kathy will see to it..  We are blessed to have Toni Walker, a national recording artist from Cape Coral, FL leading worship and Amy NIchols of Appointed2 will be our speaker for the evening.  Amy is a singer/songwriter/blogger and Author.  Crystal River will never be the same once the ladies come together.

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